POKETALK is awesome!

We obtained a ‘POKETALK’, the translation device, which is the hottest product in the market.

It can translate 1 language into 74 different languages in the world.

After you chose the language to be translated into, and talk to the device by pressing a button, it’s so smart that what you just said to the device will be translated into the designated language right away.

Since Thai and Chinese were in the language list, we used it in Thailand and in China while we were there.

We tried with the Thai people as well as the Chinese people.

The result was, almost perfect translation was output!

And it worked every time!

We tried some long sentences, but there was hardly any problem.

Incidentally, our local business partners already have this device, and are carrying one around all the time. It sure is the hottest device in town!

This may slow down people from learning foreign languages, don’t you think? … (sweat, sweat)

Anyhow, we highly recommend this device. It worked in the countries where we visited this time. So, there’s no doubt about it.

For more details, please check out its official homepage from the link below:

URL: https://pocketalk.jp/?i=pwt_gnav