An enchanting encounter (in Saku City, Nagano Pref.)

This is a report from Sales Planning Department.

On our way to Ibaraki Prefecture on a business trip, we stopped to stay over night in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture. We stayed at Saku Ichimanri Hotel Golden Century for the first time because it was very cheap…

There we had an enchanting encounter …

We met this charming lady at a small hostess bar named, ‘MAIKO’, and her name was Setuko Asakawa.

We were amazed to see many pictures of celebrities with autographs on the wall in the bar ! They must have come here.

Setsuko has a couple of hit songs such as ” Ah, Yuujiro “, ” The place where I was born and raised “, etc. We got very excited and became suddenly close to her when we found out that the music writer who wrote her songs happened to be from Toyama Prefecture !

We had such a great time that we bought her CD as a token of our gratitude.

Setsuko san was so nice to write her autograph on the CD as well.

Then, on the next day, we listened to her CD in the car all the way to Ibaraki Prefecture.

It may not have anything to do with work, but it was a sweet little episode of enchanting encounter, wasn’t it

We will certainly stay at the same hotel next time we go to or swing by Nagano Prefecture. We’ll make it one of our official business hotels to stay on our trips.