The early-stage fire-extinguishing ball works fast to put out a fire at its early stage. It can be utilized at a wide variety of places such as factories, hotels, general household, restaurants, cars, etc.

What is the early-stage fire extinguishing ball?

If you have never used a fire extinguisher, or, even if you know how to use it, you’d have to get closer to the fire when you try to use it. But, if you use the ‘Kieru Ma-Q’ which is a throw-in type of fire-extinguishing compositions, you can put out fires simply by throwing it to the fire. It is light and small so that a women, children or elderly people can use with ease.

Check out the fierce power of Fire Ball !

Features of product

“Kieru Ma-Q” is a new type of fire-extinguishing tool. It was made with the priority placed on usability. It is so easy to use as to simply throwing it into fire.It is 10 times more powerful than water in extinguishing fire. It only takes 3  to 5 seconds to put out fire. It is harmless and safe to human and environment as it has no hazardous chemical contained. Usage: equip 1 Fire Ball in every room in the household. Be prepared for store fire, car fire, ship fire, and use for putting out fires (camp fire, BBQ, etc.) after recreational activities. Weight: about 230g, size: φ76mm