There are 3 departments in TNK Inc. as below:

01.Support for overseas operations

Overseas trading, Planning, making strategies and sales support for outbound business expansion.

Our overseas consulting department is an expert team for marketing overseas as well as business matching. We research overseas markets, make sales strategies and explore the channels and help introduce your products to the markets. We also support/attend at trade shows and exhibitions overseas.


02.Sales Operations Department

Management and Representative of overseas area sales for manufacturers

We represent overall sales administration (Orders, Production, Distribution, Personnel, etc.) in overseas markets for domestic manufacturers. 

Reduce sales costs in overseas market areas!

We will help you avoid risks and reduce costs in areas below when going outbound business!

・Avoid the risk of establishing a local Japanese branch office.
・Reduce cost of establishing an overseas department of the company.
・Reduce cost for the expenses that may arise in overseas sales administration.
・Propose a solution to fill the gap in lack of personnel (sales representatives with language competency or sales experience overseas, etc.) 
・Propose a solution to resolve the problem of communication break-down with local customers overseas.

etc.  By outsourcing the overseas sales function, administration cost will be drastically reduced without missing the opportunities in overseas expansion, which will eventually lead to exploring markets as well as gaining new customers. 

03.Sales Promotion Department (design)

Production of various multi-media and design work for print material

In the Sales Promotional Department, various multi-media and design work for print material are being produced. 

Product catalogs, company guide, business proposals, manuals, advertisement, homepage, packages are produced in multiple languages.
Also, new design work can be produced upon request.

Production items

Name cards, business cards, shop cards, advertisement, flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, pamphlets, manuals, specification sheets, business proposals, etc.  

Homepage, E-commerce website, system integration, etc.

All sorts of novelties: e.g., flags, banners, fans, lighters, T-shirts, towels, etc.