TNK Inc. is a consulting and advisory team that supports overseas expansion and development.We provide consulting services for companies wishing to expand and develope their business overseas, as well as support after the expansion.

In the international business society nowadays, it is becoming essential to enter the world market as the globalization and borderless world advance to their current levels. The next important topic will be ‘Area Marketing’ with all areas and big cities in the world. In this respect, we think it is very important how close you can work with local companies, how intimate you can get to the local sentiment, and how you can take advantage of local networking.

To this end, we travel all year round in order to gather fresh information. Based on such information we collect, we make suitable marketing strategies for different regions and cities: design production of sales promotional tools (in multiple languages), sales plans (market research), staff training (human resource education), as well as acquisition of new customers (market exploration).

We bridge and support Japanese corporations to the overseas market and overseas corporations to the Japanese market, with development of international business human resources in mind.