Below is the history of TNK.


December Relocated our office.
【New address】
FieldVillage T2, 103-1 Saikakuji, Toyama-city, Toyama Pref. 939-8263 JAPAN


December Changed business names to TNK Inc.
Three business pillars: Sales, Commission and Planning businesses
① Sales Operating Department ( used to be LINK4D)
Design production in various multimedia including print media
② Sales Planning Department
Sales routing overseas for manufacturers/ Outsourcing business
Trading, Support for overseas advancement; Planning, strategies & Sales activities
③ Sales Promotion Department
Making plans/strategies and sales in support of overseas trade business and international business expansion


August Started outsourcing of overseas sales
At the foundation of overseas department for cutting tool manufacturers,
Started taking on outsourcing of sales and administrative operations.
Started sales activities in Indonesia, India, Taiwan, and Korea in addition.


 May Started supporting business of overseas advancements
Started marketing research overseas as well as exploration of sales channels
Explored mainly China and Thailand.


 June Founded Link4D Inc.
Founded as a design production company, and started planning and production of print media as well as other multimedia.
Started ‘One-Stop’ services.