Cherry Blossom Trees to Chiangmai ・・・Japanese Garden Project ③


Tree planting ceremony was held after the ceremony of the 130th Anniversary of Thailand-Japan Amity was over.

Nursery trees of the cherry blossom tree, ‘YOUKOU’, donated by Mr. Terumi Takaoka, arrived Chiangmai without any trouble.

Name plates were placed in front of each nursery tree, designating which one is for who.

People start to pour soil over their designated nursery trees.

Deputy Mayor of Chiangmai.

Mr. Fukuda from Toyama Prefecture.

Mr. Yotsui who are also from Toyama Prefecture.

And, Mr. Miyazaki, who are also from Toyama Prefecture (the man on the right end).

They all poured soil over the nursery trees.

Lastly, among such great gentlemen, was myself from TNK Inc.

Mayor of Chiangman and myself (Tanaka).

And, Ms. Cao from our Shanghai office.

Incidentally, ‘YOUKOU’ cherry is said to bloom in about 2-3 years.

That makes you want to come back to see them blossom, right?

So, I hope to see all these people whom I met in this tree planting ceremony again in Chiangmai, and have a cherry-blossom-viewing party.

Cherry Blossom Trees to Chaignmai!

I am grateful for participating in this Japanese Garden Project.