Donation of stationery to a school in Chiangmai !

Here is another heart-warming topic in Chiangmai:

In commemorating the 130th Anniversary of Thailand-Japan Amity, Japanese Garden with ‘YOUKOU’ cherry blossom trees were presented.

The next was the visit to the school in hillside tribes in the suberb of Chiangmai. Mr. Yotsui had the kindness to bring some stationery to present to the students there.

Many students came out to greet our group.

The 3rd man from the right in the picture is Mr. Yotsui who brought stationery for the students this time.

There are about 900 students of ages between 5 and 18, who are away from their parents, boarding together in this school.

All these students were very polite, greeted and thanked us in a very good manner.

These children with pure hearts made us think about ourselves a lot.

Even though we couldn’t communicate well, their smile made us feel very warm inside.

It sure was an excellent experience.

Hey, everyone over there! I hope you’ll all do better in study. !!