Thai METALEX 2018

This is a report by the Sales Planning Department:

We went on a business trip to Thailand from Nov. 19th until 28th.

The purpose of the trip this time was  to have business meetings with the local company regarding the new products we have been working on exporting to Thailand and selling in the market there.

On top of that was the support at Thai-METALEX 2018 for 4 full days: Exhibition of machine and tool manufacturers which was held from Nov. 21st through 24th.

METALEX is one of the largest trade shows of metal processing machine tools in the ASEAN area. It was the 32nd time this time.

The scale of the show is so big that there were about 100,000 visitors coming to see nearly 1,000 booths of companies from 20 countries participating from Europe, North America, South East and Asia.

TNK Inc. has been travelling to Thailand every year since 2010, and has supported booths exhibiting Japanese tools and equipment in cooperation with the local trading companies.

That has become one of our annual events.

Thailand has been gaining high attention from all over the world, drawing more and more visitors to this METALEX every year.

It was 90,000 visitors last year, but it reached 100,000 visitors this year!

So, the venue was packed by people.

We made a promotion on some tools at Sumipol’s booth this time.

And, of course, by taking advantage of this opportunity, we went around to check out our new products to sell as well.

Please look forward to our news on various interesting products soon.


After JIMTOF (Tokyo) and METALEX (Thailand), our business around big exhibitions has ended for this month.

The visitors of these two exhibitions add up to 250,000 visitors.

We may well say manufacturing industry is still in its boost!

We will be visiting Thailand again to attend Thai METALEX2019 around this time next year.