Our amazing new item! High luminous Phosphorescent Chain

This is an announcement from the Sales Promotion Department!

Here’s our new item; ‘High Luminous Phosphorescent Chain’!
It is ultimately ecological as it becomes luminous by absorbing the light from the sun, Fluorescent lamps, or White LEDs, and requires no source of electricity or wiring to store light.  It stores light during daytime, and becomes luminous at night. It can be luminous even by the electrical lights inside the house/building!

‘ α (alpha) Chain ‘ chain was developed by LTI Co., Ltd.

The chains are originally used to designate the limitation of areas or for caution in such cases as “No Trespassing”, “No Parking” or “No Entry”, etc.

Those chains are in their full mission during the daytime with no doubt, but will lose their functionality as chains in the darkness or at night due to their invisibility.

Thus, such chains may cause accidents to those who do not see them, and become the source of danger despite their original purpose.

As belwo, not only the ordinary chains, but also ropes (black and yellow type) are said to be difficult to see at night.

‘ α (alpha) Chain ‘ was developed as a solution to such problem.

There are 2 kinds of chains: one is only phosphorescent and the other is the combination of regular and phosphorescent.

They are incredibly luminous! According to the manufacturer, ‘ α (alpha) Chain ‘ is 50 times more luminous than the conventional phosphorescent chains.

This phot shows how the ‘ α (alpha) Chain ‘ sample became luminous after it was kept in our slightly dark stock yard for a short while!

So, if it is kept under the sun light or in the bright room, it will glow even more!

The usages may be infinite depending on your ideas.

‘ α (alpha) Chain ‘ will literally glow in the construction sites, stock yards, factories, parking, residence, etc.!

If something clicked in your head, please contact us immediately!

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